Henna Doll

Natural Mehndi Artist

Indulge in a boutique henna experience with unique designs and body art. Every batch is handmade and tested for perfection.


Natural Henna

Also known as Mehndi. Leaves from the flowering shrub are crushed to a fine powder and mixed with a natural recipe to create beautiful designs and patterns.


COMING SOON! A special henna & jagua blend.


COMING SOON! Jagua is extracted from the juices of the tropical fruit, Genipa Americana. Juice from the unripe fruit is made into a gel form that is suitable for body art.

Color Collection

COMING SOON! An intricate design with a choice between a variety of paste colors.

Join a community passionate about spreading love and beauty through art; one design at a time.

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Starting at $25

Just your fingers or a small hand design for something simple.



Starting at $35

Enjoy a beautiful body or finger and hand design; front or back. Pricing varies based on density.



Starting at $45

A detailed design on your body or hand and wrist. Pricing varies based on density.



Starting at $55

An elaborate design on your body or hand, wrist and arm. Pricing varies based on density.

Henna Bump

Starting at $150

We celebrate you with an elaborate design adorning your baby belly. Pricing varies based on density.

Bridal Doll

Starting at $200

Feel like a true princess with intricate designs on your hands, arms and feet. Pricing varies based on density. Contact us for bridal package details.


Starting at $250

Having a party!? We offer packages to fit any number of guests! Flat rates, festivals & travel! Contact us for package details. Deposit is required.

Henna Crown

Starting at $50

Henna Doll always uses 100% organic henna powder and essential oil to create your crowns.


Care Tips


Before You Arrive

Step: 1

Stay away from lotions and oils the day of your appointment. Henna will stain darkest on dry, clean, and hairless skin. Get ready to relax! It’s best if you prepare your space to be still for at least an hour after application to avoid smudging the design.


During The Experience

Step: 2

It is recommended that you leave the henna paste on for at least 6 hours to ensure a lasting stain. Overnight with a loose sock covering the design is one of the best methods to keep the design in place. The longer the paste is on the better!


Enjoy Your Design

Step: 3

To remove the paste, DO NOT USE WATER, scrape or dust off and apply an oil. The design will be light orange and darken in about 24 hours. Try and avoid water during this period. As your stain darkens and you fall in love, continuously apply oil to prevent premature fading. Your design should last about two weeks with proper care.



My experience with Henna Doll was amazing!!! I work outside as a postal worker and my henna was still on after 2 weeks. Her personality was wonderful and she’s such a beautiful and creative henna artist. I will definitely be going back very soon.

Jasmine Howell

It has been an honor to receive love from Henna Doll!! I have enjoyed every experience I’ve had with Henna Doll because it’s always authentic and elegant. I began when she first began sharing her henna art and I’ve watched Henna Doll blossom ever since. The fact that I know what’s in the paste and it’s all natural had me hooked from the beginning. Not to mention the touch of class, style and grace. I love the scent of the henna and the passion felt from Henna Doll's creations. Stay classy and authentic in this expression of yourself. I looooove Henna Doll!

Iva Stewart-Barre

College Consultant, Actress & Yoga Instructor
Getting “Henna Dolled Up” was the best!! It was my first time getting henna and the experience was so amazing, from explaining her natural ingredients to showing me how to care for my henna, I enjoyed every part of it!! The henna was beautiful!! Thank you Henna Doll for such a beautiful experience!! 

Janee Rollins

Private Chef
Henna Doll did a great job creating the look I wanted for my birthday! Thank you Henna Doll!

Yvonne King


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